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Making public investments is not always an easy task, but we do help by creating a new investment platform which makes it simple and efficient for everyone to follow their transactions.

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Growing your investments one seed at a time.

Wallet, staking and vesting schedules, with future exchange possibilities to purchase crypto with fiat money. SeedOn Finance is a solution with enhanced security protocols, focusing on establishing trust and usability among our users.
With our upcoming news and events data, SeedOn Finance will become more than just a wallet, but a fully functional launchpad, presenting extensive information from the most known news sources from the crypto industry.


SEON native token is the core currency powering SeedOn's ecosystem. Having it used as a medium of payment for each and every transaction makes our token valuable with high usability.

Making public investments is not always an easy task, but we do help by creating a new investment platform which makes it simple and efficient for everyone to follow their transactions.

SeedOn Finance Staking

Enhance your savings with APYs as high as 50%.

Be it either Flexible or Locked staking, you can easily enhance your $SEON and $USDT savings with our easy-to-use and secure staking mechanism. We made sure to have attractive APYs for all of our available staking pools for you to choose from. All staking rates will be updated periodically but don't worry as it will be very reasonable.

SeedOn Referral Program

Earning up to $75 worth of $SEON has never been easier

Earning $75 worth of $SEON is as easy as inviting your friends to take part into the crowdfunding revolution! Invite your friends to join SeedOn and we will offer you up to $25 worth of $SEON for each eligible account opened by your friends. However, keep in mind that you can invite up to 3 friends.

Token Details

Check below our tokenomics to see the distribution and the token info.

Token Name


Total Supply

350,000,000 tokens



Token Symbol




ICO details

Our ICO stage consisted in two rounds, a private and a public one, both taking place in December, 2021
Private pre-sale round
1st of December, 2021
5th of December, 2021
Public pre-sale round
15th of December, 2021
15th of December, 2021

What is SeedOn?

We provide an innovative ecosystem as a new approach to conventional crowdfunding platforms. Our platform promotes 3 core values: trust, transparency, and cyber-security. By making use of these values, we minimize investment risks and promote transaction transparency.

We aim to solve the current challenges and fraud when it comes to backing an idea or project being proposed by a new startup or existing company. Thus, SeedOn will be removing uncertainty and increasing awareness of how the capital is being raised and sent to entrepreneurs.

What is SeedOn?

Smart Contract
Escrow Model

Through our smart contract escrow model approach, we ensure a controlled startup capital infusion, thus the total capital raised will be released to entrepreneurs in stages. Therefore, the entrepreneur will only have access to a limited amount of cash, until further objectives and milestones of the project will be completed. In the unlikely event of a fraudulent project, this approach guarantees to keep the loss to a minimum, losing only a part of the total capital and having the locked funds returned to investors.

Structured communication channel

In crowdfunding, there are post-raise areas where communication between investors and entrepreneurs can continue. However, this is an aspect that is slowly being addressed by other platforms. Through SeedOn, we require entrepreneurs to organize company update meetings with a certain occurrence in relation to the implementation stage's duration, so that investors are aware of the progress of the startup.

Investment transaction traceability

We have designed strategies and objectives to improve the process of fundraising by providing transparency and accountability for investments. To achieve this, we are making use of blockchain technology, so that all transaction records are visible and accessible to all network participants.

SeedOn Mission

By making use of blockchain technology, SeedOn fosters investment transactions in startups within a transparent, and decentralized ecosystem.

Through SeedOn, we are making ends meet for the first time between a funding portal, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies.


Why choose our solution

Having built a platform that promotes transparency and trust will attract investors so that it will encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition.
Investments <br />using crypto

using crypto

All crowdfunding investments will be conducted through SEON, our native token. SEON is the medium of payment for our platform which ensures a constant trading volume, independent from the one on public exchanges. Investors can either deposit their SEON tokens purchased on public exchanges or use fiat money directly on SeedOn to acquire SEON via debit card payments.
Possibility to earn future income

Possibility to earn future income

SeedOn supports both types of crowdfunding campaigns: donation-based pledges and equity crowdfunding. For the latter investors will receive an adapted SAFE financing contract, suitable for equity crowdfunding. The SeedOn SAFE contract guarantees the investor's share of startups listed on SeedOn.
Start-up screening <br />process

Start-up screening

As part of the listing request process, entrepreneurs will go through a registration and screening procedure. The first step of the screening process will be conducted by an AI algorithm checking for copyright violations. Ultimately, a human will manually check and validate the algorithm's findings.
Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protection

All crowdfunding campaigns will have their sensitive details guarded so that only registered investors will have full access to a startup's pitch deck. Before registering an investor account, users will fill in an NDA, to protect the startup's sensitive data. However, insensitive details from the crowdfunding campaigns will still be made publicly available and indexed by SEO.

7-step plan

SeedOn presents to you the 7-step plan to revolutionize and increase the rate of success for conventional crowdfunding campaigns. We will put into practice this plan, which in turn will minimize investment risk and enable investors to have a clear overview of a project's development
1. Account registration

A project owner will register an entrepreneur account in which will provide detailed personal information along with a photo of an ID (SSN, passport, or a valid national identity card) used for the screening process.

People behind SeedOn

Are individuals with extensive skills, great passion, and drive to build the start-up from the ground up. This is because we know that the core element that contributes to a start-up's success is the people behind it.


Our talented team of professionals is working towards our set goals for achieving progress day by day, so that you can benefit from a fast, secure and trustworthy environment, for safely investing in your favorite startups.

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