People behind SeedOn

Are individuals with extensive skills, great passion, and drive to build the start-up from the ground up. This is because we know that the core element that contributes to a start-up's success is the people behind it.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Claudiu Minea
SeedOn-Team-Member-Claudiu Minea-1

Claudiu Minea

CEO & Co-Founder
With a background of 6+ years in the software industry, Claudiu also embarked on serial entrepreneurship putting all his effort, passion, and dreams into building SeedOn.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Tudor Vrabie
SeedOn-Team-Member-Tudor Vrabie-1

Tudor Vrabie

CTO & Co-Founder
Software engineer, tech enthusiast, co-founder, and project coordinator of SeedOn, looking to put into practice his expertise on this project.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Madeline Melinte
SeedOn-Team-Member-Madeline Melinte-1

Madeline Melinte

CFO, Financial specialist & Auditor
Madeline is an Audit Deputy Manager with proven expertise in working in the external audit industry, with extensive skills in internal controls, risk management, and financial analysis.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Michael Solomon
SeedOn-Team-Member-Michael Solomon-1

Michael Solomon

Head of Software Engineering and R&D
Michael is the one that would push his limits to ensure that the whole development process is seamless and bug-free, delivering quality digital projects as his main focus.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Mircea Muraru
SeedOn-Team-Member-Mircea Muraru-1

Mircea Muraru

Head of UI/UX Department
With 10+ years of experience in UI/UX design and a pixel-perfect approach to his work, Mircea researches and finds the best solutions tailored for every company’s needs.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Stephen Grigore
SeedOn-Team-Member-Stephen Grigore-1

Stephen Grigore

Head of QA Automation Engineering
Stefan will be making sure that the software’s usability is seamless, and all features work as expected without any frustrating impediments that our end-users may encounter due to unusability.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Claudiu Hutanu
SeedOn-Team-Member-Claudiu Hutanu-1

Claudiu Hutanu

UI/UX Designer
A creative individual keen on reaching his maximum potential every day, Claudiu joined our team driven to change the way crowdfunding is done!
SeedOn-Team-Member-Ion Terenti
SeedOn-Team-Member-Ion Terenti-1

Ion Terenti

Front-end Developer
Ion is our passionate Front-End Developer, hardworking, and dedicated to delivering quality digital products.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Monica Lazar
SeedOn-Team-Member-Monica Lazar-1

Monica Lazar

Front-end Developer
Monica is a devoted Front-End Developer, with 3+ years of experience in the industry, with her main areas of expertise being ReactJS, Redux, Saga, and AntD.
SeedOn-Team-Member-Alin Pavel
SeedOn-Team-Member-Alin Pavel-1

Alin Pavel

Front-end Consultant
Alin is a front-end consultant with over 13 years of experience in the field, specialized in areas such as React, Redux, Saga, Thunk, React Native, AntD, Bulma, microfrontends and Verticals.

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